Drinks packages at Distrikt offer quality in every area. From classic and contemporary cocktails and craft beers to an extensive wine list that caters for all palates, our drinks offer is second to none in Leeds City Centre.


Our cocktail menu includes all the classics alongside a great selection of contemporary recipes, sours, daiquiris and mojitos. Our highly trained mixologists use premium liquors to construct drinks that burst with subtlety and flavour. Don't hesitate to ask them for guidance if you can't make a choice.


Old fashioned | Your choice of bourbon, may take a while woodford reserve (recommended), sugar, fee brothers orange - £8

Maple old fashioned | Canadian maple syrup & a small batch bourbon four roses small batch, maple syrup, fee brothers orange - £7

Almond old fashioned | Italian liqueur smooths this mexican tornado herradura reposado, disaronnno amaretto, agave, fee brothers orange - £7

Mai tai | Don the beachcomer’s original version bacardi 8 yr, appleton vx, santa teresa rhum orange, briotette triple sec, orgeat, lime - £8

Zombie | Rum, rum & more rum santa teresa 1796, santa teresa claro, bacardi 8 yr, giffard passion lime, pineapple, angostora, passion fruit, wray flaming floater - £9

Negroni | Italian guile fuses with british class jensen’s bermondsey gin, antiga formula, campari - £7

Martini | Wet, dirty, dry, gibson, shaken or stirred - the choice is yours gin or vodka, noilly prat dry vermouth - £8

Vesper martini - £10

Plum manhattan | The complexities of flavour work wonders on this delightful rye whiskey knob rye, chambord, cranberry, red current jelly, plum, red current garnish - £8

Manhattan | Perfect, dry or simply unadulterated maker’s mark, anitga formula, fee brothers whiskey barrel - £8

Devil’s manhattan | New orleans spices up this northern classic jack daniels single barrel, southern comfort, antiga formula, fee brothers orange - £8

Sidecar | Jazzy, citrusy notes balanced with a steady base of brandy - prohibition’s greatest plaudit rémy martin vsop, briottet triple sec, lemon, demerara - £8

Raspberry caiprihna | Sour & sharp combine in this brazilian classic vehlo barrera, lime, raspberry, sugar - £7

Tommy’s margarita | Only 100% agave tequila will make a true tommy herradura reposado, briottet triple sec, agave, lime - £7

White lady | Delilah’ velvety smooth & luxurious on the senses sipsmiths gin, briottet triple sec, sugar, lemon, egg white - £8

Aviation | Fragrant violette & maraschino finely balanced with the finest old tom gin aviation gin, luxardo maraschino, briottet créme de violette, lemon - £8


An old school cocktail using base spirits, lemon juice, egg white and a sweetener


Amaretto | Disaronno amaretto, lemon, sugar, egg white, fee brothers orange - £7

Vanilla Vodka | Cariel vanilla, liquor 43, lemon, sugar, egg white, peychard aramatic bitter - £7

Whiskey | Chivas regal, lemon, sugar, egg white, peychard aramatic bitter - £7

Midori | Midori melon liqueur, lemon, grenadine, egg white - £7

Apple Crumble | Tuaca, apple, lemon, sugar, egg white, cinnamon - £7

Cherry Mash | Gentleman jack, gabriel boudier cherry brandy, lemon, cane sugar, egg white - £8

Pisco | Soldeica pisco, lemon, sugar, egg white, bitter




As if we’d forget this icon


English | Hendrick’s, cucumber, mint, lime, sugar, soda - £7 Hazelito | Santa teresa claro, briottet crème de noisette, mint, lime, sugar - £8

Dirty | Chairman’s reserved spiced, mint, lime, sugar, soda - £7

Pink | El jimador reposado, mint, lime, sugar, pomegranate - £7

Pineapple | Santa teresa claro, liquor 43, mint, lime, sugar, pineapple - £8

Parisian | Santa teresa claro, st germain elderflower liqueur, mint, lime, sugar, soda - £8

Raspberry | Santa teresa grand reserve, raspberry, mint, lime, sugar, soda - £7

Royal | Bacardi 8 year, mint, lime, sugar, fantinel extra dry processo - £9



The drinker’s drink using the drinker’s drink, rum...

Orange | Santa teresa rhum orange, santa teresa grand reserve, lime, sugar, fee brothers orange - £8 Bella Donna | Gosling’s black seal, disaronno amaretto, lime, sugar, fee brothers cherry - £7

Strawberry | Santa teresa claro, strawberry, lime, sugar - £7 Pomegranate | Santa teresa grand reserve, gabriel boudier pomegranate liqueur, lime - £7

Black & white | Santa teresa claro, koko kanu, briottet crème de mûre liqueur, blackberry, lime - £7 Bannana | Santa teresa claro, briottet crème de banane, lime, sugar - £7



Pornstar | Unavoidably delectable with a champagne sidecar cariel vanilla, giffard passion, licor 43, lime, passion fruit, fantinel prosecco - £8

Baies sexual | Translates as sexual berries, need we say more belvedere black raspberry, liquor 43, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, apple - £8

Saké it to me baby | We pay homage to this sublime rice wine. The orients delicacy is truely appreciated alongside these classic liquids. delicate perfection in a glassof sheer beauty. akashi-tai daiginjo, fifty pounds gin, briottet peche, sugar, fantinel prosecco - £8

Tuscan pear | Pear, lemon & ginger... tastes of the med with a southern spices depth grey goose poire, limoncello di capri, giffard ginger, blood orange - £7

Apricot cosmo | Could this drink be made any sexier? We believe so grey goose l’orange, giffard passion, st dalphour apricot preserve lime, cranberry - £7

Ps I love you | A true lovers classic santa teresa claro, disaronno amaretto, kahlua, baileys, cream, milk - £7

Lolita’s bud | In honour of our ‘lady lolita’ grey goose citron, bevour elderflower, lemon, sugar - £7

French martini | With added vanilla - playful, velvety & dangerously delightful cariel vanilla, chambord raspberry liqueur, pineapple - £7

Raspberry bramble | Fresh raspberries add a modern zing to this classic portobello road, raspberry, lemon, sugar, chambord - £7

Espresso martini | Any coffee lovers dream cariel vanilla, kahlua, espresso - £7

Long island | Creamy tropical decadence from puerto rico santa teresa claro, koko kanu, briottet coco, coconut cream, pineapple - £7

White russian | The dude, el dudo stolichnaya, kahlua, cream, bitter truth chocolate - £7

Gingerbread mescal margarita 8 | Del maguey vida single village mezcal is such a pure and unadulterated liquid that simply sipping it is a treat alone; add briottet pain d'epices and the result is extraordinary del maguey vida, briottet  - £8


Distrikt Mulled Wine - £4.5

Spiced Wine Cider - £5

Liefmans Gluhkriek - £15 (serves2)

Baileys White Chocolate Orange - £5

Winter Beers

Delerium Christmas Ale 10% - £6.8

Delerium Nocturnum 8.5% - £5.8

Magic Rock Dark Arts 6% - £4.5

Beavertown Holy Cow Bell 5.6% - £5

Northern Monk Mocha Porter 5.9% - £4.9

Winter Cocktails

Winter Margarita - £8

Vida Del Maguay / Herradura Reposado / Lime / Sugar / Egg

Ban-offee Martini - £7 

Cariel Vanilla Vodka / Butterscotch Teichenne / giffard banana de bresil Maple Syrup

/ Banana / Half 'n' Half 

Gingerbread Espresso Martini - £7

Chairmans reserved spice / Teichenne Butterscotch / Grand Marnier Briottet Liqueur De Pain

D'Espices / Espresso 

Mulled Wine Bellini - £7 

Fantinel Prosecco / Mulled Wine Reduction 


Our extensive list of draught and bottled beers includes premium lagers and craft ales from acclaimed breweries such as Brew Dog, Goose Island, Brooklyn and many more. Ask one of our team if you are looking for a particular beer style or want to find out more about our drink packages.


Heineken, holland 5%

Delicate hop and malt aroma with underlying tropical flavours. a boisterous beer from amsterdam that travels well and maintains its subtle flavours

Pint £4.1

Half £2.3

Amstel, holland 4.1%

First brewed in 1870, this deep golden beer achieves its colour through a mixture of half light and dark malt. amstel has a sweet malt flavour and hints of raisin and dark fruits.

Pint £3.9

Half £2

Brooklyn lager, u.s.a. 5.2%

A direct descendant of the vienna-style lager, displaying amber gold colour with refreshing bitterness and a floral hop aroma. enhanced by dry hopping, resulting in a wonderfully flavourful beer; smooth and cersatile with food.

Pint £4.1

Half £2.5

Symonds, england 4.5%

A true west country cider! with over 300 years of cider making tradition to refine and perfect the masterful art, symonds exhibits a clean crisp taste blended from apples including dabinett & michelin.

Pint £4.1

Half £2.3

Vedett extra ordinary ipa, belgium 5.5%

This “extra ordinary” ipa combines a sub-tropical citrus with floral and fresh aromas resulting in outstanding balance and a well-bodied contemoporary ale—a modern classic.

Pint £5.4

Half £2.9

Vedett extra blonde, belgium 5.2%

Founded in 1871 the baby brother to duvel is a superb belgium pilsner. crisp and light with fragrant undertones vedett extra blond is in a class of it’s own.

Pint £4.8

Half £2.5

Two seasonal options // Price and abv will vary according to product //

Seasonal beers generally come from our favourite brewers and consist of flavours matching both the time of year and fresh produce available on our food menu. — If you’d like to sample these seasonal beers, ask us for a taste and for more info.



Tremens 8.5%

Red 8.5%

Nocturnum 8.5%

Goose Island

Honker’s ale 4.3%

Ipa 5.9%

312 4.4%

Brew Dog

5am saint 5.0%

Punk ipa 5.6%

Dead pony club 3.9%

Flying Dog

Raging bitch 8.3%

Snake dog 7.1%

Doggie style 5.5%

Underdog 4.7%


Gentleman’s wit 4.3%

Pale ale 4.0%

Pils 4.6%

Ihl (indian hell’s lager) 6.2%


Gamma ray 5.4%

Neck oil 4.3%

Smog rocket 5.4%

Black betty 7.4%

Rye ipa 6.2%


Red stripe 4.7%

Sol 4.6%

Modelo 4.5%

Negra modelo 5.4%

Pacifico 4.5%

Cusquenya 5.0%

Brooklyn eipa 6.9%

Blue moon 5.4%

Quilmes 4.9%


Alhambra reserva 6.4%

Duvel 8.5%

Desperado 5.9%

Peroni 5.1%

Chang 5.0%

Mahou 5.5%

Vedett extra white 5.2%

Coopers ale 4.5%


Liefmans cuvee brut 6.0%

Rekorderlig 4.5% Rasberry & mango,

passion fruit, wild berry, strawberry & lime

Mongoza 3.6% Coconut, banana















































We have worked hard to put together a wine list that represents some of the world's finest wine-growing regions and best-loved grape varieties. With Old and New World wines to suit every palate, including sparkling and champagne varieties for a special celebration, or just because you fancy it, our extensive wine selection is sure to please everyone, from connoisseur to casual wine-lover.


Solandia grillo sicilia, italy 13%

This mellow medium white exudes subtle nectarines with wildly exotic guava and leaves undertones of dried peaches.

175ml £4.2

250ml £5.5

Bottle £16

Fortant de france sauvignon blanc, france 12.5%

Quintessential sauvignon flavours, crisp, dry and typically grassy with subtle fragrances of elderberry and gooseberry.

175ml £4.5

250ml £6.0

Bottle £17

Bolla pinot grigio, delle venezie, italy 12%

Grown in the sought after area of veneto and bottled young to preserve the freshness, hints of figs and ripe peaches.

175ml £5.5

250ml £7.0

Bottle £20

Flagstone word of mouth viognier, western cape, south africa 13%

This 100% viognier comes from grapes picked in the cool climate of the elgin region giving the wine a distinct aroma of watermelon and juicy peaches. Medium bodied but with a richness to the palate, this viognier finishes fresh with hints of oriental spice.

Bottle £17

Kleine zalze barrel fermented chenin blanc, south africa 13.5%

Ripe and silky smooth, from south africa’s most popular white grape variety with rich guava fruit and honeyed character.

Bottle £18

Torres gran vina sol esmeralda, spain 13.6%

Part of the chardonnay grape is used to create this buttery wine which has been aged 5 months in limousin oak barrels. The final blend of this wine gives it extra lift and creates delightful bouquet and elegance on the palate.

Bottle £20

Drylands sauvignon blanc, marlborough, new zealand 13%

Ripe, rich herbal and tropical fruit flavours combine in a vibrant burst of flavour on the palate. This sauvignon is truly exquisite.

Bottle £23


Altozano shiraz-tempranillo, rosado de castilla, spain 13.5%

Mouth-watering red berry aromas and ripe, succulent strawberry flavours blend seamlessly in this delicious crisp dry rose.

175ml £4.5

250ml £6.0

Bottle £16

Vendange white zinfandel, usa 11%

Subtle off-dry tastes with attractive fresh zingy strawberry and raspberry fragrances.

175ml £5.0

250ml £6.5

Bottle £17.5


Solandia nero d’avola sicilia, italy 13%

Fruity, soft and very drinkable, a background of vanilla-spiced plum with well integrated oak flavours and a fat blackberry fruit finish.

175ml £4.2

250ml £5.5

Bottle £16

Cape 1652 shiraz viognier, south africa 13.5%

Shows rich, full-flavoured bramble fruit, with a touch of spice leaving a refreshing streak of apricot notes on the palate.

175ml £4.5

250ml £6.0

Bottle £17

Etchart privado malbec, argentina 14%

This malbec displays an extra mellowness from its extra time in barrels and blends well with the full bodied ripe berry character, enhanced by a delicate touch of spice.

175ml £5.0

250ml £6.4

Bottle £19

Kleine zalze cabernet sauvignon, south africa 13.8%

Fruity decadence, richly full of blackberry and cherry aromas with hints of mint and a creamy velvety texture.

175ml £5.0

250ml £6.4

Bottle £19

Vermonta merlot reserva, chile 13.5%

A true ‘new world wine.’ bold and dynamic, yet subtle in flavour with rich undertones of cherry and surprisingly spicy apple.

175ml £5.5

250ml £7.0

Bottle £20

Rare vinyards pinot noir, vin de france, france 13%

This delicate noir grape displays a stylish combination of blueberries and spice for weight and complexity.

175ml £5.5

250ml £7.0

Bottle £20

Don jacobo crianza rioja tinto, spain 12.5%

Concentrated cherry and blackberry fruit flavours backed with hints of liquorice and black pepper.

175ml £5.8

250ml £7.2

Bottle £21

Leasingham bin 61 shiraz, clare valley, australia 14%

Lots of sweet plum fruits mingled with silky tannins and rich vanilla oak on the finish.

Bottle £24


Fantinel prosecco extra dry, italy 11.5%

Fresh, dry and fruity. a pleasant and extremely elegant bouquet with delightful, floral based hints. a smooth, velvety and poetic flavour.

125ml £6.5

Bottle £25

Duval-leroy brut, france 12%

This champagne exudes a fresh modern style and was the only champagne selected by the wine spectator in its ‘100 most exciting wines of 2008’.

Bottle £40

Veuve clicquot yellow label brut, france 12%

Reflecting the traditions of the past, this is full yet dry and has a rich creamy style with biscuity flavours.

Bottle £60

Laurent perrier, prestige brut rose, france 12%

Simply iconic, stylish and dry with delicious summer fruit aromas and a long, full bodied flavour typical of pinot noir based champagnes.

Bottle £80

Dom perignon brut, france 12.5%

Long and satisfying on the palate with layers of yeasty, nutty flavours, superbly fat and ripe. complex, luxury grand cru chamagne made only in the best years.

Bottle £150


Let Distrikt make your night extra special and prebook one of our drinks packages. No queueing, and an area reserved just for you, which means the only thing you need to focus on is enjoying your night.


All the products listed are from our premium house range. If you require a more exclusive package please contact food@distrikt.co.uk for a bespoke service to suit your requirements.


Please find below our list of products:

- House beer is Becks

- House prosecco is Fantinel

- House spirits are Stolichynia, Evan Williams, santa teresa and Portobello Gin

- House wine is Sicilian Solandia Grill or Nero for white and red and rose is Altonzano Tempranillo

- A maximum of 10 shots per drinks package


Package 1

Btl wine (white/red/rose)
Shot of lemon pancakes (frangelico, sugar, lemon rim) for all participants

Package 2

Case of beer

Shot for every participant


Package 1

Btl Duvel l'oire Btl of prosecco

2 btls wine (red/white/rose)

Shot for every participant

Package 2

2 cases of beer

Bottle of prosecco

Shot for every participant


Package 1

Bottle of Verve Champagne

2 Bottles of prosecco

1 bottle of house spirit with mixers

Shot for every participant

Package 2

Bottle of Verve Champagne

2 cases of beer

Bottle of house spirits with mixer

Shot for every participant